mercredi, mars 3 2010

Measuring OpenMoko FreeRunner battery life with SHR-T

I've tried and apply the technique shown in Measuring Freerunner battery life for my FreeRunner which runs SHR-T.

Unfortunately, I couldn't recompile the wkalrm program on the freerunner (problems of compilation chain, I think). So I decided to use atd to insert an at command which would wake up the FR... but that isn't exactly easy since no at command seems packaged for the atd-over-fso that comes with SHR-T (actually, there's an at script provided in the initial atd version it was based on).

Thanks to help provided on the SHR ML, I've written this short resume-at shell script that can be used to insert an at command/script that will wake up the FR after a certain amount of minutes :


# Will program an at job that will just execute in some number of minutes (passed in args)
# This script will do nothing, but can be interesting to wakeup the machine

# It uses atd-over-fso for atd execution

now=`date +'%s'`

let "seconds = minutes * 60"

# add some minutes to now
let "time = now + seconds"

# filename for the at script

# Install the script
cat >$filename << EOF


echo \$this >>/tmp/resume-at.log
date >>/tmp/resume-at.log

rm \$this
echo "update" > /var/spool/at/trigger


# Make the at script executable
chmod +x $filename

# initialize the logs file
touch /tmp/resume-at.log

# Notify atd-over-fso that a new script was installed
echo "update" > /var/spool/at/trigger

Now, all that is left to do is to change the battery monitoring script to :


while :

echo ===========================================
cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity
cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0073/resume_reason
cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0073/neo1973-resume.0/resume_reason
#/root/wkalrm +30m
/home/root/resume-at 30
sleep 20
apm -s


The script has now been run, and here are the results : discharge in 66 hours and 10 minutes : Battery discharge curve

Hope this helps.

lundi, janvier 18 2010

Support GNU/Linux parfait pour l'imprimante Photosmart C4780 HP

Merci HP :-)

Notre précédente imprimante HP a fini par nous lâcher définitivement (après quelques prolongations hackesques).

Je savais déjà qu'HP offrait un certain support pour GNU/Linux pour ses imprimantes (projet HPLIP), donc je n'ai pas trop hésité sur la marque pour en racheter une nouvelle.

Et là, très bonne surprise : la Photosmart wireless alias C4780 est parfaitement supportée pour GNU/Linux avec hplip. En plus des packages à jour existent en Debian (testing).

Voilà, ça imprime et ça scanne en réseau, comme ça devrait toujours être.

Quand un constructeur offre un bon support pour GNU/Linux, ça mérite de se signaler... un jour peut-être, ce genre de billet devrindra obsolète ;) ?

samedi, novembre 7 2009

How to disable buggy trackstick for an Inspiron 4000 in Ubuntu 2009.10

I own an old Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop whose trackstick / trackpoint (the blue little joystick in the middle of the keyboard) has become really annoying : typing on the keyboard, or even touching the surface of the laptop generate parasite movements of the pointer.

I've looked for a way to disable it, and found one way using hal (since X is auto-configured in Ubuntu now), by adding the following file as /etc/hal/fdi/policy/10-disabletrackstick.fdi :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<deviceinfo version="0.2">
     <match key="info.product" contains="TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint">
       <remove key="input.x11_driver"/>

Thanks to this post by Brice Goglin for he hint on how to disable a device.

samedi, septembre 5 2009

Un stylo bien pratique pour se glisser partout

Ce stylo est bien pratique. Je remercie l'opérateur de téléphonie qui me l'avait envoyé, et je suis content de l'avoir gardé, car il va bien aller avec mon carnet de notes, je crois.

Ajout d'un porte-stylo sur un carnet moleskine

Voici un essai de support pour stylo pour carnet de notes Moleskine :

Mon bidouillage

Ca le fait pas mal, si ce n'est que le stylo (une recharge de stylo stabilo effaçable) n'écrit pas bien :-(

Voici une photo un peu plus claire, peut-être, sur comment j'ai réalisé ce support, qui est en fait amovible :

mercredi, juillet 29 2009

My frist contribution to the Linux kernel

Here's my first contribution to the linux kernel :;a=commit;h=d023e49118b9c93bbab9aaf798b25f78f1a5803c.

It fixes the ACPI which had been blacklisted on P4B266 mainboards, and will allow my old machine to suspend in 2.6.31, hopefully.

Does it make me a kernel hacker ? Certainly not. But glad to be somehow part of that history ;)

mardi, juillet 7 2009

En route pour les RMLL 2009

Et encore une édition des RMLL à laquelle je vais contribuer (notamment en tant que coordinateur du thème "développement").

Aujourd'hui, départ pour Nantes.

La suite (si le wifi fonctionne) sur #rmll2009.

vendredi, juin 19 2009

Why's evolution so buggy ?

Evolution is buggy, and crashes all the time.

It used to be reliable... and since a few weeks the versions in testing are awful :-(

lundi, juin 8 2009

Open source Wild Chips

On the way to the OSS2009 social event, we had the surprise to get offered beverages and snacks (including alcoholic ones), which is quite unusual, in my opinion.

Among the snacks there were the Wild Chips with the packaging bellow :

Doesn't the upper-right logo look familiar ?

OK, I admit, I'm a bit obsessed ;)

samedi, mai 30 2009

Carte postale plus ou moins ancienne sur Gradignan

Et hop, dénichée chez un vendeur de cartes anciennes : Gradignan

Maintenant, la question qui tue : d'où cette photo a-t-elle été prise, et à quoi ça ressemblerait de nos jours... :-/

Update : la photo en plus haute résolution. Il semble que ce soit une vue prise un peu plus haut que la poste en direction du bourg.

samedi, mars 28 2009

Proper power management on Asus P4B266 mainboard

I've had difficulties with power management on my P4B266 mainboard (yes, pretty old but still works).

Here are a couple tweaks I've done (which work with Debian lenny) :

  1. passing acpi=force to the kernel to enable acpi
  2. tweaking the HAL suspend quirks (see bellow) in /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/20-video-quirk-pm-asus.fdi
  3. tweaking s2ram's options with S2RAM_OPTS="-f -a 3" in /etc/pm/config.d/defaults
Here's the patch on /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/20-video-quirk-pm-asus.fdi for hal to be used by pm-utils :
--- /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/20-video-quirk-pm-asus.fdi.orig    2009-03-28 19:29:39.000000000 +0100
+++ /usr/share/hal/fdi/information/10freedesktop/20-video-quirk-pm-asus.fdi    2009-03-28 19:29:44.000000000 +0100
@@ -108,5 +108,12 @@
       <merge key="power_management.quirk.none" type="bool">true</merge>
+    <match key="system.firmware.version" prefix="ASUS P4B266 ACPI BIOS Revision">
+      <match key="system.firmware.version" contains=" 1010">
+    <merge key="power_management.quirk.s3_bios" type="bool">true</merge>
+    <merge key="power_management.quirk.s3_mode" type="bool">true</merge>
+      </match>
+    </match>

dimanche, mars 8 2009

Vendu Nokia 770

Je vends ma tablette internet Nokia 770 : ayant une 800 sous la main depuis quelque temps, la 770 est un peu en trop.

Me contacter pour des détails.

Update 2009/06/11 : Vendue !

Enfin un usage malin du Nabaztag : le répondeur Free

Un Nabaztag, c'est joli, ça remue les oreilles, mais ça sert pas trop à grand chose, faut le reconnaître.

Sauf qu'il est maintenant capable de faire le répondeur de la messagerie vocale Free. Et ça, c'est bien !

Plus de détails là : Attention : ne pas oublier de sélectionner le type de mail avec le message en pièce jointe dans l'interface de configuration de la messagerie chez Free.

Vendu zaurus akita

N'ayant plus le temps de jouer avec Angstrom, je vends mon Zaurus Akita (SL-C1000), superbe PDA avec clavier sous GNU/Linux, mais qui dort un peu sur mon étagère en ce moment :(

Me contacter si intéressés pour le lien avec plus de détails.

Update 2009/06/11 : Vendu !

dimanche, mars 1 2009

Black out :-(

Décidément, les législateurs français ont vraiment du mal avec l'Internet :-(

Les Cowboys Fringants en concert : de la bien belle soirée !

Les cowboys fringants en concert, c'est à ne pas rater.

Le dernier concert à l'Olympia était vraiment un pur moment de bonheur, d'un bout à l'autre.

Je vous conseille la prochaine date à Paris, au Zénith, en novembre. Nous en tout cas, on y sera. Plus de détails sur leur site.

samedi, février 28 2009

/me's Debian Maintainer (DM)

Thanks to the good fellows, I've been advocated and accepted as Debian Maintainer.

Now I only need to take more time to work on Debian ;-)

mardi, février 10 2009

(Importé blog pro) UDD, SWIM, Flossmetrics : facts databases about libre software distributions… going Semantic ?

I’ve attended the recent FOSDEM 2009 (great as always), where a number of presentations triggered a lot of my interest.

First @DebianRoom where Lucas presented UDD, the Universal Debian Database. This database groups facts about the Debian project, to ease the creation of queries on what’s happening in the Distribution. This is for instance very helpful for QA tasks, like counting bugs with certain characteristics, or comparing packages in various ways.
Note that a complementary presentation by Enrico was very interesting, on DDE : Debian Data Export, showing ways to offer services to query UDD.

Another presentation, @CrossDesktopRoom introduced the Flossmetrics database, which is collected out of many libre software projects, by extracting contents of the project data from the hosting forges. Very much interesting, in particular since the data becomes available, and a large number of projects allow researchers to compare them in many ways.

Maybe Flossmetrics could benefit from data coming from the Debian UDD… or vice versa ? I think contacts have been taken to think about potential future interchange between the 2.

A general criticism I could make on these two databases is that their schema (the tables & columns layout, as well as the eventual relations), and the code of the data “harvesters” is the only way to understand the real meaning of these data. There’s not so much semantics. Sometimes for known reasons, because, as explained by the UDD developers, there’s actually much incoherence in some of the Debian tools already, and it still it happens to deliver ;)

I’m thinking of a way to produce similar databases of facts (results of queries on these) with Semantic Web standards, to try and convey some bits of commonly agreed semantics, hence fostering interoperability of these databases, and maybe allow comparison of facts relating to different projects.

It happens that Mandriva, as a followup of the Nepomuk project is indeed trying to setup such a database (called SWIM at the moment) with the use of RDF ontologies, to store facts and annotations about its distribution (more details here). In the HELIOS project, we’ll certainly try and investigate the use of such techniques to try and manipulate such data, like bugs for instance.

I’m thinking about providing an access to UDD with the use of a SWIM-like service, so maybe we can imagine things like more linking of facts about packages, people, bugs and such between Mandriva and Debian, for instance.

Note that at the FOSDEM there were also interesting presentations relating to these kinds of semantic techniques, both relating to outcomes of the Nepomuk project : one about the integration of KDE 4.2 in Debian, where tools like Soprano were mentioned, and another about Tracker in Gnome (which I haven’t attended) about the same kind of techno on the Gnome side.

The future seems semantic, somehow… and we have then a lot of work ahead of us. More to come.

lundi, février 9 2009

Applying as a Debian Maintainer

I've been doing lots of Debian related things, and even took care of some packaging tasks. Nothing really fancy, and noticeable until recent contributions to bts-link, maybe ;)

I've been thinking about becoming more involved in the project for quite some time, but I'm still a bit reluctant to becoming a Debian Developer, since I'm not so sure I could be a "good citizen" with respect to voting the resolutions, or participating in all the debates on debian-devel... more or less disgusted by the political/social/flaming nature of some of the developments :-/

Still, I hope I can be a bit more seriously involved in the project, mainly at a technical level. So here's my application as a Debian Maintainer. I hope I get good advocates ;)

jeudi, février 5 2009

(Importé blog pro) Introduction to bts-link slides

bts-link is a very useful tool which helps keep track of bug status changes when a Debian bug has been marked as linked to another bug in an other (upstream) bugtracker.

I’ve prepared some slides of introduction for our partners in Helios to introduce them to that tool :

These slides can also be found on the helios site (ODP source).

Also, I’ve started contributing to bts-link in the frame of our work on Helios, and I’m glad my contributions have been integrated, although learning git in the way was kind of a pain ;)

More details about bts-link at :

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