novembre 2006 (6)

dimanche 19 novembre 2006

E.U.E.C.A.F.7 : Popa Chubby

Oui, encore "Encore Un Excellent Concert à File 7" : Popa Chubby. Que dire : ce mec maîtrise sa gratte à fond : tout semble (presque) trop facile ! Nous avons eu droit à un concert quasiment composé que de chansons immortalisées par Hendrix... et je me demande si Popa n'est pas en partie  […]

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dimanche 12 novembre 2006

Transfering files to the Sony Ericsson K610i from GNU/Linux through USB + OBEX

I'd like to be able to transfer files on my Sony Ericsson K610i phone when I connect it to my GNU/Linux system (Debian in my case) with the standard USB/charger cable shipped with the phone.

There are other methods, like over Bluetooth or IR, but my Desktop PC has no bluetooth or IR interface by default.

On OpenOBEX site there's a wiki which documents the status of various phones. For the Sony Ericsson K610i the informations are here.

I had to check many sources of information to be able to setup something useable, in addition to this link, which I try to summarize here.

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samedi 4 novembre 2006

Making DVDs with GNU/Linux readable on my Combo DVD/VHS Samsung SV-DVD1E player

I've been strugling with making DVDs to save some videos on DVD, and be able to play them on the TV, and of course, I want to do that on GNU/Linux. It seems I had an issue with the format of the DVD recordable disks. DVD-R (and DVD-RW) wouldn't be readable on the Samsung SV-DVD1E DVD player  […]

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vendredi 3 novembre 2006

WPA wifi on my Zaurus SL-C1000 : can connect to my freebox

At last, I've configured OpenZaurus on my Zaurus SL-C1000 (akita), with a CF wifi card (DLink DCF-660W) in order to be able to connect to my WPA wifi network, provided by the Freebox. It required configuring wpa_supplicant and changing from the default orinoco driver to the hostap one. Details on  […]

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jeudi 2 novembre 2006

Nokia 770 + GPRS via Bluetooth sur mon Sony-Ericsson K610i + Orange = Internet mobile

J'ai changé de téléphone. Le post que j'avais fait sur le Sony Ericsson T610 est donc un peu obsolète en ce qui me concerne. Je mets donc à jour en fonction du K610i. En connectant le nokia 770 via bluetooth à mon Sony Ericsson K610i, je peux accéder à internet en mobilité, via mon forfait orange.  […]

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ppp connection on Debian through bluetooth with a Sony Ericsson K610i by GPRS/UMTS

This article is mostly a list of pointers to resources that were useful to setup a ppp connection on my Debian system, using my K610i Sony Ericsson phone, connected through bluetooth. I've used this HOWTO to setup a "gprs" ppp connection :  […]

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