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samedi 4 novembre 2006

Making DVDs with GNU/Linux readable on my Combo DVD/VHS Samsung SV-DVD1E player

I've been strugling with making DVDs to save some videos on DVD, and be able to play them on the TV, and of course, I want to do that on GNU/Linux. It seems I had an issue with the format of the DVD recordable disks. DVD-R (and DVD-RW) wouldn't be readable on the Samsung SV-DVD1E DVD player  […]

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jeudi 2 novembre 2006

ppp connection on Debian through bluetooth with a Sony Ericsson K610i by GPRS/UMTS

This article is mostly a list of pointers to resources that were useful to setup a ppp connection on my Debian system, using my K610i Sony Ericsson phone, connected through bluetooth. I've used this HOWTO to setup a "gprs" ppp connection :  […]

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lundi 28 août 2006

Remove InnoDB support in mysql-server to save memory

I have mysql-server-5.0 running on several Debian machines, although they are desktop or laptop systems used for everyday, since sometimes I need some apps relying on a database, and don't have a dedicated database server around. On such systems, I'm using memory intensive apps like X, firefox, and  […]

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lundi 9 janvier 2006

Enregistrement émissions sur VCD avec MythTV et Hauppauge WinTV

J'ai installé une plate-forme de magnétoscope numérique avec MythTV sur un ordinateur doté d'une carte d'acquisition analogique Hauppauge WinTV (chipset bt878), tournant sous Ubuntu. La documentation de MythTV explique comment transcoder les enregistrements dans un autre format. Malheureusement, je  […]

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dimanche 9 octobre 2005

Fan speed control with fancontrol on a Shuttle SK41G (mainboard FX41)

I've found a clean way to control the fan speed in my SK41G Shuttle desktop.

It has a fan speed control system in its BIOS, but it happened to be varying the fan speed too often, producing an oscillation, probably because of a poor hysteresis algorthm, producing a changing noise which tends to be really annoying.

I found a way to manage it under GNU/Linux using the fancontrol program from the lm-sensors package.

My goal is to minimize the noise while still trying to protect the hardware from overheating.

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