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dimanche, mars 8 2009

Vendu zaurus akita

N'ayant plus le temps de jouer avec Angstrom, je vends mon Zaurus Akita (SL-C1000), superbe PDA avec clavier sous GNU/Linux, mais qui dort un peu sur mon étagère en ce moment :(

Me contacter si intéressés pour le lien avec plus de détails.

Update 2009/06/11 : Vendu !

mardi, janvier 8 2008

Angstrom 2007.12 on my Sharp Zaurus C1000 (akita)

I'm glad that the Angstrom project has finally completed a release : 2007.12, so I was able to install it on my akita (Sharp Zaurus C1000).

I used to test images for OpenZaurus (more history), but haven't had much time recently to try and help for Angstrom... but I'm pretty happy that the project finally delivered something "stable" :)

It seems to be working quite good so far (see picture of this blog post in minimo bellow).

Next step is setting up a few things (like networking) so that I can install more apps, and really try and use it.

vendredi, novembre 3 2006

WPA wifi on my Zaurus SL-C1000 : can connect to my freebox

At last, I've configured OpenZaurus on my Zaurus SL-C1000 (akita), with a CF wifi card (DLink DCF-660W) in order to be able to connect to my WPA wifi network, provided by the Freebox.

It required configuring wpa_supplicant and changing from the default orinoco driver to the hostap one. Details on such setup here.

Tada ! it works beautifully :)

Now, It becomes a little bit more useable.