Looks like I've got new psychic powers. Let me tell you what happened this afternoon at Solutions Linux.

I was meeting with collegues at the bar where we were drinking beers, when my collegue Gerald opened his laptop on the same table where we had put two glasses. I feared that we might drop some beer into his laptop, so I warned him in advance... but no matter what I said, Gerald kept on trying to connect to one working wifi AP among all the different networks in the show...

It looks like on his laptop, he had no tool in KDE to check the available wifi networks and select one, and I was making a fun out of my new Nokia 770 which easily displayed available networks.

That's just the moment that another guy (named P.) chosed for standing up, and trying to put his coat on... and managing to drop the beer glasses !

Looks like I had seen it happening, eh ;) ... But :

As a result, a wet Olivier, and... a wet Nokia 770 :((

But it looks like I was prompt enough to save the toy and dry it... no damage to report so far :)

Or maybe it's because Linux helps transform PDAs into beer-proof devices !

In any case : DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS ! ... drinking beer requires professional skills ;)