I've been strugling with making DVDs to save some videos on DVD, and be able to play them on the TV, and of course, I want to do that on GNU/Linux.

It seems I had an issue with the format of the DVD recordable disks. DVD-R (and DVD-RW) wouldn't be readable on the Samsung SV-DVD1E DVD player (actually a combo DVD player + VCR) connected to my TV. I finally managed to make playable ones on DVD+R disks.

I used devede to create an ISO image of the DVD. What's nice is that it can do recoding of the MPEG files apropriately. It is very simple, won't create fancy DVD menus, but produces a valid DVD apparently, and that's already a lot ;)

Then I use brasero to burn the ISO image on the DVD+R disks (on a Sony DRU-820A DVD writer).

I hope this can be useful for others.

Edit 2007/09/09 : I seem to have difficulties in playing DVDs made on DVD+R discs, encoded from TV shows captured on my Freebox HD : there are freezes from time to time, a black screen, and then the video resumes. However, these discs will play fine at my step-mother's. Dunno what's the problem. Probably that the Samsung SV-DVD1E is too old and buggy.