Based on my successful setup of ObexFS + FUSE to access my K610i through the USB cable, which allows me to retrieve and modify the contents of my phone's memory under Gnome, I have attempted to do the same for the T610 Sony Ericsson phone of my girlfriend.

It works very well too, but this time, as I have no USB cable for that phone, I used a bluetooth connection.

The setup is similar :

  1. creating a directory inside /media, for instance /media/T610
  2. chgrp fuse /media/T610
  3. chmod g+w /media/T610
  4. Modify the contents of /etc/fstab to have the correct entry for mounting it

voilà !

The /etc/fstab entry is of the form :

obexfs#-bxx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx\040-Byy      /media/T610     fuse    defaults,user 0 0

the xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx address is the bluetooth MAC address of the phone, which you can retrieve with hcitool scan (as root ?)

The yy channel number is found by looking for the channel used for ObexFTP transfers in the output of sdptool browse (as root ?)

Note the specific syntax using \040 for the space required in the /etc/fstab line.

More details here, maybe.

Update 2007/04/10 : gnome-vfs-obexftp has just entered testing (now that etch is released, I won't stay stable, and continues on testing ;), which allows use of obex:/// like URIs to access the phone's files via ObexFTP over bluetooth/rfcomm. Great, no need to touch fstab.