I'm now a Debian Developer

As of today, I'm now obergix@debian.org.

I've been a Debian contributor (more recently as Debian Maintainer) for quite a while, and after a few months of procedures, I've now been accepted as a registered Debian Developer, i.e. a Debian project's member.

Thanks for all the good folks that have helped me doing so, by advocating, reviewing my application, or just inspiring me ;)

Now, that's not an achievement, just a start, and I hope I'll be able to help improve Debian a bit.


1. Le lundi, mai 23 2011, 16:21 par Olivier Berger

Oh, and a few days earlier, it would have been my Debian 40 birthday present ;)

2. Le mercredi, mai 25 2011, 15:44 par Vincent Bernat

Welcome on board!

3. Le mercredi, mai 25 2011, 16:22 par Paul Wise

Welcome to Debian!

4. Le mercredi, mai 25 2011, 19:14 par didrocks

Félicitations Olivier! :)

5. Le jeudi, mai 26 2011, 16:40 par mirabilos

11:01⎜<mira|AO:#FusionForge> obergix: congratulations, and welcome to the cabal!
16:39⎜*T* Topic for #fusionforge: FusionForge, the free/open-source continuation of GForge, see
http://fusionforge.org/forum/forum.... for details || Current stable: 5.0.3 || Old
⎜ stable releases: 4.7.3 and 4.8.3 || Weekly Meeting every Friday 11:30 UTC || neymanna in
⎜ memoriam | obergix is DD now, too!
16:39⎜*T* Topic for #fusionforge set by mira|AO!nobody@tglase.ipv6.tarent.net on Thu May 26 11:02:54
⎜ 2011

6. Le vendredi, mai 27 2011, 17:07 par Olivier Berger

See also : http://people.debian.org/~obergix/

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