Debian business card made with GLabels

Unfortunately, GLabels is currently unmaintained. Still, it's a very convenient tool, IMHO to print DIY business cards.

Here's my glabels business card file, for those interested to borrow and reuse it.


1. Le jeudi, juin 16 2011, 19:22 par rjc

Not Found

The requested URL /~obergix/businesscards.glabels was not found on this server.
Apache Server at Port 80

2. Le jeudi, juin 16 2011, 20:00 par Mehdi

If you're happy with it (and if it has a copyright/license), maybe we could put it along with other business-card generators on ? I'm not sure who to ask though
Maybe -www folks will know

3. Le jeudi, juin 16 2011, 22:55 par Olivier Berger

@rjc: thanks, link fixed now.

4. Le vendredi, juin 17 2011, 04:39 par tiago

Thanks for sharing! I've got a fancy card with glabels as well: (source) / (printed in a recycled paper)

5. Le vendredi, juin 17 2011, 08:12 par Gerfried Fuchs

Why not adopt the package? You are a DD, you seem to like/use the package ... I guess you would make a good maintainer for it. :)

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