dimanche, décembre 29 2013

Touchpad side scrolling enabling in gnome flashback

For whatever reason, the touchpad right edge would no longer allow me to do scrolling (like the usual middle wheel on the mouse) under the gnome flashback session in Debian testing.

Here's a way to make it work : http://askubuntu.com/questions/248290/enable-both-edge-scrolling-and-two-finger-scrolling-for-touchpad/373134#373134 .

This post provides a more elaborate script : http://who-t.blogspot.fr/2011/03/custom-input-device-configuration-in.html reusing an example script (in Debian, in /usr/share/doc/gnome-settings-daemon/examples/input-device-example.sh), but attention: it may be invoked twice, if like on my system, once for an "AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint" and then for a "PS/2 Mouse", but resetting the VertEdgeScroll to 0 in between.

So the script looks like that on my system, now :

 if [ "$device" = "AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint" -o "$device" = "PS/2 Mouse" ]; then
        synclient VertEdgeScroll=1

I guess there's some kind of a bug here... but the gnome session is a hell when needing to spot the culprit package to report to, so for once, I'll let reportbug quiet.

Hope this helps

Update: this unfortunately doesn't seem to work on initial session start :-/

mercredi, mars 3 2010

Restoring duplicity backups with different debian distro : attention to incompatible versions

I've recently had to test my backupninja + duplicity backups (yes, I think I haven't blogged about backups since I described my previous setup which used amanda).

The zonbu PC that managed the backup disks target of duplicity, which was running Debian stable has died.

I tried and restore the contents of its system (to have a look on the config files I had setup there) on a Debian testing system, using the same duplicity commandline (more or less).

However, I couldn't do that, since apparently, duplicity in Debian stable (0.4.11) and testing (0.6.06) don't seem to be exactly compatible.

I managed to restore anyway by reinstalling duplicity 0.4.11 in a custom prefix setup, which worked fine. The command-line then goes something like this (excerpt from the tarball's README) :

python setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local
PYTHONPATH='/usr/local/lib/python2.x/site-packages/' /usr/local/bin/duplicity -V

I've traced this problem in Debian BTS (#572102), as I'm afraid of the consequences when people will try and restore on the next stable distro backups made with the previous stable...

You've been warned anyway ;)

lundi, janvier 18 2010

Support GNU/Linux parfait pour l'imprimante Photosmart C4780 HP

Merci HP :-)

Notre précédente imprimante HP a fini par nous lâcher définitivement (après quelques prolongations hackesques).

Je savais déjà qu'HP offrait un certain support pour GNU/Linux pour ses imprimantes (projet HPLIP), donc je n'ai pas trop hésité sur la marque pour en racheter une nouvelle.

Et là, très bonne surprise : la Photosmart wireless alias C4780 est parfaitement supportée pour GNU/Linux avec hplip. En plus des packages à jour existent en Debian (testing).

Voilà, ça imprime et ça scanne en réseau, comme ça devrait toujours être.

Quand un constructeur offre un bon support pour GNU/Linux, ça mérite de se signaler... un jour peut-être, ce genre de billet devrindra obsolète ;) ?