dimanche, décembre 29 2013

Touchpad side scrolling enabling in gnome flashback

For whatever reason, the touchpad right edge would no longer allow me to do scrolling (like the usual middle wheel on the mouse) under the gnome flashback session in Debian testing.

Here's a way to make it work : http://askubuntu.com/questions/248290/enable-both-edge-scrolling-and-two-finger-scrolling-for-touchpad/373134#373134 .

This post provides a more elaborate script : http://who-t.blogspot.fr/2011/03/custom-input-device-configuration-in.html reusing an example script (in Debian, in /usr/share/doc/gnome-settings-daemon/examples/input-device-example.sh), but attention: it may be invoked twice, if like on my system, once for an "AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint" and then for a "PS/2 Mouse", but resetting the VertEdgeScroll to 0 in between.

So the script looks like that on my system, now :

 if [ "$device" = "AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint" -o "$device" = "PS/2 Mouse" ]; then
        synclient VertEdgeScroll=1

I guess there's some kind of a bug here... but the gnome session is a hell when needing to spot the culprit package to report to, so for once, I'll let reportbug quiet.

Hope this helps

Update: this unfortunately doesn't seem to work on initial session start :-/

mardi, juin 17 2008

Starting DVD playing in totem from GNOME's drive_mount applet

My GNOME desktop's setup is configured so that DVDs aren't auto-played when inserted. Inserted media aren't auto-mounted either. Instead I'm using the Drivemount applet to mount, open, start play, when I wish so, by using its menus.

However, I've been annoyed for a while by the fact that when I had mounted a DVD's disc, and I started "Play DVD" from drivemount-applet's menu, totem would start, but it wouldn't play the DVD, complaining that "Totem could not play 'dvd://'. The source seems encrypted, and can't be read. Are you trying to play an encrypted DVD without libdvdcss?" :(

It seems that changing the DVD auto-play command in Gnome settings' Removable drives & Media Preferences configuration dialog from 'totem dvd://' to 'totem dvd://%m' helped achieve what I needed.

Now totem is started with something like 'totem dvd:///media/DVD_MOVIE', and plays the film as expected.

This post helped me figure out how to achieve that : http://people.debian.org.tw/~chihchun/2007/06/20/fix-the-vcd-auto-play-command-in-gnome/