mardi 17 juin 2008

Starting DVD playing in totem from GNOME's drive_mount applet

My GNOME desktop's setup is configured so that DVDs aren't auto-played when inserted. Inserted media aren't auto-mounted either. Instead I'm using the Drivemount applet to mount, open, start play, when I wish so, by using its menus. However, I've been annoyed for a while by the fact that when I had  […]

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samedi 4 novembre 2006

Making DVDs with GNU/Linux readable on my Combo DVD/VHS Samsung SV-DVD1E player

I've been strugling with making DVDs to save some videos on DVD, and be able to play them on the TV, and of course, I want to do that on GNU/Linux. It seems I had an issue with the format of the DVD recordable disks. DVD-R (and DVD-RW) wouldn't be readable on the Samsung SV-DVD1E DVD player  […]

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