dimanche 8 avril 2007

Transfering files from/to the Sony Ericsson T610 on GNU/Linux through Bluetooth + OBEX

Based on my successful setup of ObexFS + FUSE to access my K610i through the USB cable, which allows me to retrieve and modify the contents of my phone's memory under Gnome, I have attempted to do the same for the T610 Sony Ericsson phone of my girlfriend. It works very well too, but this time, as I  […]

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dimanche 12 novembre 2006

Transfering files to the Sony Ericsson K610i from GNU/Linux through USB + OBEX

I'd like to be able to transfer files on my Sony Ericsson K610i phone when I connect it to my GNU/Linux system (Debian in my case) with the standard USB/charger cable shipped with the phone.

There are other methods, like over Bluetooth or IR, but my Desktop PC has no bluetooth or IR interface by default.

On OpenOBEX site there's a wiki which documents the status of various phones. For the Sony Ericsson K610i the informations are here.

I had to check many sources of information to be able to setup something useable, in addition to this link, which I try to summarize here.

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