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dimanche 8 mars 2009

Vendu zaurus akita

N'ayant plus le temps de jouer avec Angstrom, je vends mon Zaurus Akita (SL-C1000), superbe PDA avec clavier sous GNU/Linux, mais qui dort un peu sur mon étagère en ce moment :( Me contacter si intéressés pour le lien avec plus de détails. Update 2009/06/11 : Vendu !

mardi 8 janvier 2008

Angstrom 2007.12 on my Sharp Zaurus C1000 (akita)

I'm glad that the Angstrom project has finally completed a release : 2007.12, so I was able to install it on my akita (Sharp Zaurus C1000). I used to test images for OpenZaurus (more history), but haven't had much time recently to try and help for Angstrom... but I'm pretty happy that the project  […]

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vendredi 3 novembre 2006

WPA wifi on my Zaurus SL-C1000 : can connect to my freebox

At last, I've configured OpenZaurus on my Zaurus SL-C1000 (akita), with a CF wifi card (DLink DCF-660W) in order to be able to connect to my WPA wifi network, provided by the Freebox. It required configuring wpa_supplicant and changing from the default orinoco driver to the hostap one. Details on  […]

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