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dimanche 6 décembre 2020

Offsite backups to from an Asustor NAS

I have an Asustor (Nimbuster 4 / AS5304T) NAS at home, which allows me to perform regular backups. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to find a way to configure remote backups from the NAS to using the "Remote Sync" option of the "Backup & Restore" app provided in the  […]

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lundi 31 décembre 2018

Retiring from Debian

I've not been able to contribute much to Debian for years, and it seems my free time and energy is mainly dedicated to family duties (and fun) these days. I've then just announced my retirement as a Debian Developper. I'll try to stay a contributing user and promoter, but will no longer feel guilty  […]

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dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Touchpad side scrolling enabling in gnome flashback

For whatever reason, the touchpad right edge would no longer allow me to do scrolling (like the usual middle wheel on the mouse) under the gnome flashback session in Debian testing. Here's a way to make it work :  […]

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lundi 28 octobre 2013

Closed my LinkedIn account

I've just closed my LinkedIn account, in reaction to the recent announcements on their ill behaviour re. their user's data (in particular emails). Even if I didn't allow my mail to ever pass through their servers, I think I've been their product long enough. If I ever am looking for a job in the  […]

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dimanche 7 avril 2013

Migrating picture tags from KPhotoAlbum to digiKam (or others) through IPTC

I've occasionally used KPhotoAlbum for a few years and eventually added many tags to the pictures. But I've decided I wanted to try other tools, and digiKam seems to be the best option from the many reviews I've read. Still, there's apparently no automatic feature to import into digiKam the tags set  […]

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mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Scheduling appointments with capture template from org-agenda view

I've been frustrated by my inability to schedule appointments directly from the org-agenda view, for quite some time, but I think I've found a way. If like me you're using org-mode to manage your appointments, you're probably using SCHEDULED TODO items that can be entered in your system using  […]

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vendredi 9 novembre 2012

Using a DreamPlug with Debian as an IPv4/IPv6 router for a home LAN behind a FreeBox

The goal of this article is to describe the setup I've made for my home LAN behind a FreeBox (French ISP

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jeudi 16 juin 2011

Debian business card made with GLabels

Unfortunately, GLabels is currently unmaintained. Still, it's a very convenient tool, IMHO to print DIY business cards. Here's my glabels business card file, for those interested to borrow and reuse it.

lundi 23 mai 2011

I'm now a Debian Developer

As of today, I'm now I've been a Debian contributor (more recently as Debian Maintainer) for quite a while, and after a few months of procedures, I've now been accepted as a registered Debian Developer, i.e. a Debian project's member. Thanks for all the good folks that have  […]

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mardi 29 mars 2011

New GPG key

I have generated a new GPG key (4096R/7C5BB6A5) for the needs of my application as Debian Developer. Therefore, the old key (1024D/B4C5F37F) will soon be retired. If you happen to meet me, I'd be glad to have my public key signed again by you. Here's a copy of the new public key, and one signed with  […]

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samedi 28 mars 2009

Proper power management on Asus P4B266 mainboard

I've had difficulties with power management on my P4B266 mainboard (yes, pretty old but still works). Here are a couple tweaks I've done (which work with Debian lenny) : passing acpi=force to the kernel to enable acpi tweaking the HAL suspend quirks (see bellow) in  […]

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lundi 9 février 2009

Applying as a Debian Maintainer

I've been doing lots of Debian related things, and even took care of some packaging tasks. Nothing really fancy, and noticeable until recent contributions to bts-link, maybe ;) I've been thinking about becoming more involved in the project for quite some time, but I'm still a bit reluctant to  […]

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jeudi 28 août 2008

Amanda backups to VFAT partition on external (USB) drive on Debian

I have setup a mini-PC on which I have installed my network backup infrastructure, using Amanda.

In this post, I try to summarize some useful options and links... to be improved, of course : comments most welcome.

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samedi 23 août 2008

Debian on Zonbu mini PC

I had bought a Zonbu mini-pC and had barely used it until recently. I have started over, and decided to install a Debian lenny distro over it. The installation went quite well, but requires the use of a bootable USB key Debian installer (see reference here and here). I had to use the syslinux of  […]

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dimanche 6 avril 2008

Using Iomega Home network Disk Drive 500 GB with GNU/Linux (Debian testing)

I have purchased a Iomega Home network hard drive 500 GB, to use it as a NAS. There have been problems to use it with my GNU/Linux Debian (testing) desktop, but I think I now can have a working setup, even if it's a bit of a hack. The following informations were posted initially to  […]

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lundi 25 juin 2007

My kingdom for a Debian !

Martin and me at OSS2007 social event : then :  […]

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vendredi 15 juin 2007

Debian water ? no : riverrock

I've found this water in Ireland (where I've been attending OSS2007), whose logo seems familiar, isn't it ? Notice the TM sign... weird ? Actually, it seems it's owned by Coca Cola somehow... even stranger ;)